Senior Master Sgt. Lance Thibault, United States Space Command senior enlisted leader, listens to a United Launch Alliance mission brief at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Fla. Airman 1st Class Thomas Sjoberg
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2021 USAF & USSF Almanac: Specialty Codes

June 30, 2021

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Total Force Airmen and Guardians by Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC)

(As of Sept. 30, 2020)

 1A0  In-Flight Refueling Spc                                             1,795
 1A1  Flight Eng                                             1,333
 1A2  Aircraft Ldm                                             4,422
 1A3  Airborne Mission Sys Spc                                             1,990
 1A6  Flight Attendant                                                328
 1A8  Airborne ISR                                             2,399
 1A9  Spc Mission Aviator                                             1,352
 1B0  Cyber Warfare Operations Supt                                                   9
 1B4  CW Ops                                             1,738
 1C0  Aviation Rsc Mgmt                                            3,071
 1C1  Air Traffic Control                                             3,203
 1C3  C2 Ops                                            2,862
 1C5  C2 Battle Mgmt Ops                                            2,237
 1C6  Space Sys Ops                                             1,669
 1C7  Airfield Mgmt                                            1,166
 1C8  Radar, Airfield, and Weather Sys                                             1,941
 1N0  Intelligence                                             5,980
 1N1   Geospatial Intelligence                                              3,734
 1N2  SIGINT                                             2,337
 1N3  Cryptologic Language Analyst                                            3,462
 1N4  Fusion Analyst                                             4,486
 1N7  HUMINT Spc                                               134
 1N8  Targeting Analyst                                               666
 1P0  Aircrew Flight Equip                                             4,065
 1S0  Safety                                               759
 1T0  SERE Specialist                                               614
 1U0  Sensor Ops                                            2,254
 1U1  RPA pilot                                                  79
 1W0  Weather                                             3,012
 1Z1  Pararescue                                               976
 1Z2   Combat Control                                                676
 1Z3   TACP                                             2,040
 1Z4  Special Recon                                               103
 2A0  Avionics                                            1,716
 2A2  SOF/PR Integrated Comm/Nav/Mission Sys                                            1,835
 2A3  Fighter/RPA Maint                                          20,185
 2A5  Airlift/Special Mission Aircraft Maint                                           21,425
 2A6  Aircraft Sys                                          28,100
 2A7  Aircraft Fabrication                                            8,985
 2A8   Mobility AF Integrated Comms/Nav/Mission Sys                                             4,641
 2A9  Bomber/Spc Integrated Comms/Nav/Mission Sys                                            2,583
 2F0   Fuels                                             4,684
 2G0  Logistics Plans                                            1,569
 2M0  Missile and Space Sys Maint                                             1,766
 2P0   Precision Measurement Equipment Lab                                                770
 2R0  Maint Mgmt                                             1,197
 2R1  Maint Mgmt Prod                                            1,285
 2S0  Materiel Mgmt                                           10,108
 2T0  Traffic Mgmt                                            2,717
 2T1  Ground Trans                                            3,210
 2T2  Air Trans                                          10,993
 2T3  Vehicle Mgmt                                            5,216
 2W0  Munitions Sys                                            9,685
 2W1  Aircraft Armament Sys                                            9,988
 2W2  Nuclear Weapons                                               758
 3D0  Cyberspace Ops                                          10,913
 3D1  Client Sys                                          20,230
 3E0  Facility Sys                                            4,986
 3E1   HVAC, Refrigeration                                             2,453
 3E2  Heavy Repair                                            3,200
 3E3  Structural                                            2,699
 3E4  Infrastructure Sys                                            2,878
 3E5  Engineering                                            1,574
 3E6  Ops Mgmt                                            1,189
 3E7  Fire Protection                                            5,669
 3E8  Explosive Ordnance Disposal                                            1,882
 3E9  Emergency Mgmt                                            1,711
 3F0  Personnel                                            9,909
 3F1  Services                                            7,429
 3F2  Education and Training                                            2,579
 3F3  Manpower                                               510
 3F4   Equal Opportunity                                                406
 3F5  Administration                                            6,173
 3H0   Historian                                                  19
 3N0  Public Affairs                                            1,863
 3N1   Regional Band                                                542
 3N2   Premier Band – The USAF Band                                                165
 3N3  USAF Academy Band                                                 16
 3P0  Security Forces                                          38,409
 4A0  Health Services Mgmt                                            4,256
 4A1  Medical Materiel                                            1,490
 4A2  Biomedical Equip                                               698
 4B0  Bioenvironmental Eng                                            1,245
 4C0  Mental Health Svc                                            1,002
 4D0  Diet Therapy                                               236
 4E0  Public Health                                            1,479
 4H0  Cardiopulmonary Lab                                               466
 4J0   Physical Medicine                                                308
 4M0  Aerospace and Ops Physiology                                               262
 4N0  Aerospace Medical Svc                                          11,647
 4N1  Surgical Svc                                               665
 4P0   Pharmacy                                                795
 4R0  Diagnostic Imaging                                               872
 4T0  Medical Lab                                            1,331
 4V0  Ophthalmic                                               387
 4Y0  Dental                                            2,865
 5J0  Paralegal                                             1,346
 5R0  Religious Affairs                                               886
 6C0  Contracting                                            1,708
 6F0   Financial Mgmt and Comptroller                                             3,430
 7S0  Special Investigations                                            1,206
 8A1  Career Assistance Advisor                                               275
 8A2  Enlisted Aide                                                  64
 8A3  Protocol                                                 64
 8B0  Military Training Instructor                                               735
 8B1  Military Training Leader                                               426
 8B2  Academy Military Training NCO                                               118
 8C0  Amn and Family Readiness Center NCO                                               224
 8D1  Language and Culture Advisor                                                   1
 8F0  First Sergeant                                             2,497
 8G0  USAF Honor Guard                                               285
 8G1  USAF Installation Honor Guard Prgm Mgr                                                 74
 8H0  Amn Dorm Leader                                               296
 8I0  Supt, IG                                               262
 8I1  Inspections Coordinator                                               232
 8I2   Supt, Complaints and Resolutions                                                    6
 8K0   Software Development Specialist                                                    1
 8L1   Enlisted Air Advisor-Basic                                                    1
 8L7  Enl Combat Aviation Advisor (SOF)                                                  35
 8P0  Courier                                                 70
 8P1  Defense Attache                                                145
 8R0  Enlisted Accessions Recruiter                                            1,727
 8R2  Second-Tier Recruiter                                               914
 8R3  Third-Tier Recruiter                                               509
 8S0  Missile Facility Mgr                                                182
 8T0   PME Instructor                                                640
 8T1  Enl PME Instructional Sys Designer                                                 17
 8U0  Unit Deployment Mgr                                               248
 9A0   Enl Amn, Disqualified for Reasons Beyond Ctrl                                                151
 9A1  Enl Amn, Disqualified for Reasons Within Ctrl                                                102
 9A2  Enl Airman Awaiting Discharge, Separation, or Ret for Reasons Within Ctrl                                                  44
 9A3  Enl Awaiting Dis, Sep, or Ret for Reasons Beyond Ctrl                                                 24
 9A5  Enl Amn Temp Ineligible for Retraining, Disqualified for Reasons Beyond Ctrl                                                 28
 9C0  Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force                                                   2
 9D1  Key Developmental Senior Enlisted Positions                                                 32
 9E0  Command Chief Master Sergeant                                               392
 9E1  Command Chief Executive Assistant                                                 16
 9E2  Individual Mobilization Augmentee to CCMS                                                 11
 9G1  Group Supt                                               776
 9H0  Academic Faculty Inst                                                   1
 9J0  Prisoner                                                 12
 9L0  Interpreter/Translator                                                 70
 9L1  Enl Engagement Mgr/Int’l Affairs                                                   1
 9M4  Chief, Medical Enl Force                                                 13
 9N0  SECAF Enl Legislative Fellows                                                   1
 9Q0   Reserve Force Generation and Oversight NCO                                                    9
 9S0   Chief Master Sergeant of the Space Force                                                    1
 9S1  Scientific Applications Spc                                               548
 9T0   Basic Enl Amn                                           11,385
 9T1  Officer Trainee                                               272
 9T2  Pre-Cadet Assigned                                               440
 9T4  AF Institute of Tech or Ed With Industry Enl Students                                                   1
 9T5   Basic Special Warfare Enlisted Airman                                                124
 Unknown / other                                                275
U.S. Air Force 1st Lt. Kamin Gilson, a Weapons System Officer, Capt. Kevan Thomas, a B-52H Stratofortress pilot and Lt. Col. Michael Devita, an Instructor pilot assigned to the 96th Bomb Squadron, Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, prepare for a flight out of Morón Air Base, Spain, in support of Bomber Task Force Europe. Senior Airman Daniel Hernandez
10C Ops Cmdr                       623
11B Bomber Pilot                       615
11E Experimental Test Pilot                       154
11F Fighter Pilot                    3,740
11G Generalist Pilot                       435
11H Helicopter Pilot                       886
11K Trainer Pilot                    1,627
11M Mobility Pilot                    7,760
11R Recon/Surveillance/EW Pilot                       941
11S Spc Ops Pilot                    1,543
11U RPA Pilot                       329
12B Bomber Combat Systems Officer (CSO)                       657
12E Experimental Test CSO                         24
12F Fighter CSO                       421
12G Generalist CSO                       128
12H Rescue CSO                         96
12K Trainer CSO                       139
12M Mobility CSO                       517
12R Recon/Surveillance/EW CSO                       873
12S Spc Ops CSO                       633
12U RPA                         67
13A Astronaut                           5
13B Air Battle Mgr                    1,773
13C Spc Tactics                           1
13L Air Liaison Officer                           2
13M Airfield Ops                       313
13N Nuclear and Missile Ops                    1,120
13O Multi-Domain Warfare Officer                         14
13S Space Ops                    2,035
14F Info Ops                       120
14N Intelligence                    5,374
15A Operations Research Analyst                       418
15W Weather and Environmental Svcs                       514
16F Foreign Area Officer                       390
16G AF Ops Staff Officer                       731
16K Software Development Officer                           4
16P Political-Military Affairs Strategist                       318
16R Planning and Programming                       722
17C Cyberspace Warfare Ops Cmdr                         23
17D Warfighter Comms Ops                    3,154
17S Cyberspace Effects Ops                    1,061
18A Attack RPA Pilot                    1,478
18E Experimental Test RPA Pilot                           9
18G Generalist RPA Pilot                       103
18R Recon RPA Pilot                       329
18S Special Ops RPA Pilot                       292
19Z Special Warfare                       723
20C Logistics Cmdr                       371
21A Aircraft Maint                    2,082
21M Munitions and Missile Maint                       301
21R Logistics Readiness                    2,236
30C Support Cmdr                       521
31P Security Forces                       947
32E Civil Eng                    1,893
35B Band                         23
35P Public Affairs                       635
38F Force Support Officer                    2,323
40C Medical Cmdr                       228
41A Health Services Admin                    1,818
42B Physical Therapist                       187
42E Optometrist                       281
42F Podiatric Surgeon                         16
42G Physician Asst                       752
42N Audiology/Speech Pathologist                         32
42P Clinical Psychologist                       294
42S Clinical Social Worker                       289
42T Occupational Therapist                         19
43A Aerospace and Operational Physiologist                         88
43B Biomedical Scientist                       118
43D Dietitian                         36
43E Bioenvironmental Eng                       400
43H Public Health Officer                       284
43P Pharmacist                       301
43T Biomedical Lab                       151
44A Chief, Hospital/Clinic Svcs                         75
44B Preventive Medicine                         21
44D Pathologist                         76
44E ER Services Physician                       310
44F Family Physician                       583
44G General Practice Physician                       112
44J Clinical Geneticist                           2
44K Pediatrician                       357
44M Internist                       497
44N Neurologist                         36
44O Physician                         35
44P Psychiatrist                       157
44R Diagnostic Radiologist                       145
44S Dermatologist                         40
44T Radiotherapist                           7
44U Occupational Medicine                         15
44Y Critical Care Medicine                         56
44Z Allergist                         23
45A Anesthesiologist                       166
45B Orthopedic Surgeon                       117
45E Ophthalmologist                         50
45G Obstetrician and Gynecologist                       155
45N Otorhinolaryngologist                         53
45S Surgeon                       301
45U Urologist                         28
46A Nursing Admin                       194
46F Flight Nurse                       982
46N Clinical Nurse                    3,251
46P Mental Health Nurse                         79
46S Operating Room Nurse                       222
46Y Adv Practice RN                       669
47B Orthodontist                         38
47D Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologist                           5
47E Endodontist                         33
47G Dentist                       979
47H Periodontist                         46
47K Pediatric Dentist                         14
47P Prosthodontist                         55
47S Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon                         74
48A Aerospace Medicine Physician Spc                       141
48G General Med Officer, Flight Surgeon                       230
48R Residency Trained Flight Surgeon                       857
48V Pilot-Physician                           3
51J Judge Advocate                    2,311
52R Chaplain                    1,165
60C Sr Materiel Leader-Upper Echelon                         19
61C Chemist/Nuclear Chemist                         71
61D Physicist/Nuclear Eng                       177
62E Development Eng                    2,295
62S Materiel Leader                           9
63A Acquisition Mgr                    2,768
63G Sr Materiel Leader-Lower Echelon                         88
63S Materiel Leader                       156
64P Contracting                       846
65F Financial Mgmt                       774
65W Cost Analysis                         69
71S Spc Investigations                       446
80C Cmdr, Cadet Squadron, USAF Academy                         52
81C Instructor, Officer Training School                       102
81D ROTC Detachent Commander and Professor of Aerospace Studies                       111
81L Education and Training Leader                           5
81T Instructor                       900
82A Academic Program Mgr                         77
83R Recruiting Svc                       156
84H Historian                         12
85G USAF Honor Guard                           4
86M Ops Mgmt                       254
86P C2                         89
87G Wing IG                       247
87I Director, Wing Inspections                       138
87Q Director, Complaints Resolution                       119
88A Aide-de-camp                         41
88B Protocol Officer                           2
88C Sexual Assault Response Coordinator                           5
89E Officer Air Advisor Advanced                           1
89G Officer Combat Aviation Advisor                         36
90G General Officer                       599
91C Cmdr                       210
91W Wing Cmdr                       485
92J Non-Designated Lawyer                           8
92M Health Prof Scholarship Prgm Med Student                       286
92P Physician Assistant Student                         16
92R Chaplain Candidate                           1
92S Student Officer Authorization                    1,959
92T Pilot Trainee                    3,387
93P Patient                         12
95A Non-extended Active Duty USAFR Academy Liaison Officer or CAP Reserve Asst Prgm Officer                         17
96B Disq Officer, Reasons Within Control                           2
96D Officer N/A for Use in Awarded AFSC for Cause                         15
97E Executive Officer                       780
99G Gold Bar Diversity Recruiter                         12
Unknown/other                    2,713
TOTAL                  506,267
Crew chiefs from the 77th Fighter Generation Squadron and 77th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron pilots prepare for flight during an Agile Combat Employment capstone event at an air base in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Senior Airman Leala Marquez